A few years ago I had my first memory flashback of a memory that didn’t happen in “in real life” or as my generation (elder millennials) like to say “away from keyboard”. A few days ago, it happened again.

It was 2018, and I was secluded in my home quite a lot. My only ventures outside of home and work were in virtual reality.

By chance I came across a VR experience demo called Spacedream.

In the experience, you are in space, and you can play a song from your computer which dictates the changes of colours and flashes…

I’ve been on social media since I was 12, i.e. 1996.

My first social media was a fanpage for David Bowie. We all had different Bowie songs as usernames and you couldn’t upload pictures but you could set your profile picture avatar. There were 10 whole different avatars to choose from! Back then anything more than 6 avatar choices was luxury.

Then a social media boom came in the beggining of the 00’s, I’ve been a part of them all.

I’ve mostly had good experiences.

Met life long friends.

Learned so much.

Yesterday I was at a digital 50th Birthday…


It used to anger me.

Frustrate me.

Confuse me.

Sadden me.

Now, it doesn’t even faze me.

I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but the past four years, I’ve become friends with rejection.

Rejection started early.

From never being invited to birthday parties. To not being invited into conversations.

I was never bullied. Nobody was ever mean to me. It didn’t however mean that I was included. It was in a sense, just as bad.

And it’s followed me throughout life. Whenever someone else was in control of my faith, I was rejected.

I always did very…

It’s 2020, Kevin McCallister is all grown up. He, being the tech savvy kid he was, ended up in IT. He is working for a subset of the government creating AI software for the military.

It’s Christmas Eve. While everyone is partying it up in the office Kevin has to work because his asshole of a boss is demanding some last minute changes and tests of a system Kevin isn’t even working on. Kevin is a back end developer but nobody seems to care what he does. His colleagues take credit for his work, and his boss favours a douche-bro…

During the end of 2019, and start of 2020 I got tagged as a bot on social media. Twitter was the most aggressive.

Every 20 minutes I would get my account restricted, and I’d had to do automated Turing Test so many times during a day that I started to wonder if I was human.

As a bot developer and a bot researcher, I deploy, explore and administer a lot of bots. This is of course, a reason to monitor or survey my IP address. However, changing it’s traceability did not do anything to change this fact. …

Sci-Fi writer mistakes, and 4 ways you could avoid them.

Recently I read a Sci-Fi book that furiated me at every page.

The book shall not be named, but it was about space travel.

What got me so flustered was the fact that in this book, there was seemingly no research performed at all. In one of the scenes one astronaut is astounded that they can’t see stars in space, and the other astronaut explains why that is.

In what world would a full grown astronaut, who is sent to SPACE, 1) not know this already and 2) ask such an inane question to a colleague on a space-walk where…

There is a long story behind Botflirt, and one day I will tell it.

But for now let’s focus on my saturday night.

I usually sit and work on some form of project or prototype on weekends. But it dawned upon me that it had been ages since I did something silly. After all that’s 90% of who I am, a bag of silly.

I frequently do different type of usability testing for my bots, but my favorite test to date is when I let my bots talk to other bots.

Not only is it hilarious, and a way to…

Star Wars 7–9:

My small and awkward take on how I would have done Star Wars 7,8,9

The key in the Star Wars Universe is history repeating itself, and family tradgedy. So this is what the heart of the story should have been all along.

Leia staring out the window of a ship. A member of the rebellion tells her that it is time. She goes to the front of the ship. She nods and a laser beam is sent to an asteroid. She looks gloom as it blows up.

“He might be there” — The general says, referring to Kylo Ren (Ben…

I’ve always had a good sense of style. Even though I looked like something that crawled out of a swamp most of my life (which I’ve come to understand most designers do too) I have always loved dressing other people (probably why designers have so little time for themselves).

Ever since I was 9 I would design dresses, pants, gowns. Designing clothes was my happy place.

Having no legacy or influence in the fashion industry, I didn’t dare to dream of it being a profession. After having gone to high school with the “textile and design” majors I also realised…

Imagine you pass out and wake up in a car. You know it’s a car because the interior is similar to cars you’ve been in before.

You are in the driver’s seat, on a highway, the highway seems to be emptied of cars. You are going 170km/h. That means that if you hit something, you’re not going to survive.

The car doesn’t have seat belts, it doesn’t have pedals, or a shift-stick, it doesn’t even have a steering wheel.

You have an iPad sized display, but the controls are in a language you barely understand. You can make out a…


I’m like an open book. Full of numbers.

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