Life is an ocean — Đorđe Balašević

1 min readNov 24, 2021


One of my favourite artists died of Covid-19 in early 2021.

My favourite quote of his was

“Were those really better times, or were we simply better people”

And to honour him, I’ve decided to properly translate one of my favourite songs of his: Life Is An Ocean

Life is an ocean, a vast darkness.

on which many sink while trying to swim

My heart isn’t a timid doe

I’m not afraid of the deep waters

The waves are crushing me

The currents carry me

The ebb of happiness and the tide of sorrow

The sky is whipping me

Storms will come

But I’m not giving up

I’m still around
In the early morning

shadows of the past, they scares me

Just like dreams

But I still fight, I still hope

I fly less, I fall more

And the hands that draw me to the bottom

are getting stronger and stronger
Winds in my chest

carrying me to another woman

to another port




I’m like an open book. Full of numbers.