Why I worry about Apophis

Torino Scale Impact Probability

So why do you fear something science has deemed safe?

I don’t fear it will hit us. I fully trust the science and the data, which states that: it will come close but not hit us.

No, I don’t fear the asteroid, I fear the hysteria it will cause once media (social or otherwise) starts reporting on it.

If recent crisis e.g. Y2K (with the exception of pandemics, where everything was wrongfully downplayed!!!!) have taught me anything is that facts, fear and reporting of science don’t go hand in hand. Fear is revenue, and this will be a collective near death experience worth reporting on for at least good two weeks upon it’s approach.

What I worry it will lead to

Chaos, looting, shooting. To start off with. Death cults, murder, increased suicide, disregard for the environment i.e. more fires, oil spills ect (because it’s all going to go away anyway), stockpiling, and well, political instability.

Sounds like a horrible scenario? Alarmist? Human behavior in face of danger is unpredictable and illogical, we know that, we have seen it over and over again.

How can we prevent this?

Get educated, yes it’s a decade away, but it goes a lot faster than you think. Get REALLY educated on it, and when people start spreading misinformation, correct them. Call out media when they purposefully twist words of astrophysicist. Teach your kids to do the same.



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